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11 April 2002 / 2-5pm
Alex McLean (state51); Joanna Walsh (zooleika); Adrian Ward (signwave) will demonstrate creative possibilities for generative media, with a focus on issues related to creative autonomy and the emerging figure of the artist-programmer. Tom Trevor (Spacex Gallery) and Tina Sotiriadi (i-DAT) will talk about two art projects that engage these ideas - Generator and Vivaria. Jon Pettigrew (Maxus), who co-founded sseyo and helped to create the Koan music system, will present his generative film prototype. Geoff Cox (i-DAT) will chair and introduce the event.

This seminar is programmed in association with eu-gene mail-list ( where discussion may continue.

The event will be followed by performances of generative music by Slub and by limbomedia.

12 April 2002 / 10am- limbomedia will share some generative techniques with participants.

These events act as pre-publicity for Generator.


24 - 25 May 2002
Tickets available from Spacex and host venues.

CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP: 24 May 11am-4pm, Exeter Phoenix.
OuLiPo (Ouvroir de Litterature Potentielle) writing workshop led by Andy Brown (University of Exeter) and Richard Beard, organised in collaboration with the University of Exeter.

TALK: 24 May 7.30pm, Exeter Central Library.
Andy Brown and Richard Beard discuss Georges Perecıs novel, The Exeter Text, and the influence of OuLiPo on their own writing.

RENGA WORKSHOP: 25 May 11am-4pm, Exeter Central Library.
Based around a Renga Platform, this generative writing workshop is led by master poet John Hall and host poet Anne Marie Culhane, organised in collaboration with MorningStar publications (Edinburgh).

TALK/DEMONSTRATION: 25 May 7.30pm, Exeter Phoenix.
Jon Pettigrew (Maxus), in conversation with Mike Phillips (i-DAT), discusses generative media, including work with Brian Eno and sseyo KOAN music technology, and demonstrates his new generative film prototype.

PERFORMANCE: 25 May 9pm, Exeter Phoenix.
Generative music by Slub and limbomedia.