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generative art resource

anti-thetical practices

history of and theory on algorithmic art

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Shirley Bassey Mixed Up Dave Miller Generative biography, September 2006
Art Generative Cobanli, Onur Mustak Dadaist paintings created by the artist with ai.
Colmus - Multi-sensorial Hyperinstrument André Rangel Demonstration of a correspondence proposal between
100 Abandoned Artworks Matt Pearson (zenbullets) 100 open source experiments, published weekly.
Coded Beauty Thomas Kräftner Diploma Thesis about Generative Computer Graphics
Nude Studies in Aleatoric Environments P Thayer Nude studies and geological intervention.
- reWork - André Rangel, Tony Brooks - Reactive Work of Art in rgb
The Wolfram Demonstrations Project Wolfram Research, Inc. Growing collection of interactive Demonstrations
-The Appearance Machine -Willy Le Maitre , Eric Rosenz Autonomous system produces global media from trash
MathFlash L Cape Simple objects+maths creating beautiful patterns
Dynamic Painting San Base Dynamic painting is a new kind of visual art
Wolfram Tones Wolfram Research, Inc. turning NKS cellular automaton patterns into music
-Generative Mutations -B Soban -Computer interpretations of world famous authors
Dream Kaleidoscope kel capturing artistic ideas and inspirations
- Graffonic - André Rangel - 3kta - Reactive Work of Art
- manfred mohr, generative art pioneer - manfred mohr - mohr is working on the computer since 1968
-J B Wock -Eugenio Tisselli -An english-speaking blogmachine
Shirley Bassey Mixed Up Dave Miller An interactive biography, with illustrations gener
-Eye-ocean -Anne-Sarah Le Meur -Exploration of virtual light, real time 3D
ai+alife+aculture Jacqueline Steck weblog reporting on generative art, alife and ai
CD Torture Juan Martin Priliac Slightly edited version of a Scratched CD
boom M Whitelaw generative detonations Jerome Saint-Clair online works
aproximation - Built for Maggie mAYhEm aproximation Built for the only person I ever really admired
On Everything P Thayer abstracted imagery and narrative
PMusic P Ramsay PMusic is a new form of indeterminate music
Ghost Diagrams P Harrison Tile pattern assembler. Requires Firefox 1.5+
generative 3D onoxo generative art
W:Mute 2006 F Vanhoutte A collection of Processing sketches
Generative art - the art of programming B Soban Visual Basic short code graphic solutions
-Cruft Processes -Robert Spahr
Midi Fucker Paul Webb An Internet Scanning Midi File Auto Music Machine
Happy Sad Computer P Webb An emotional journey of a computer program as is w
recursive patchworks F. Carrara photo patchwork generated by a recursive algorithm
Self Portrait? James Alliban A generative cubist self portrait
broken city James Alliban "Paint" a composition of random elements of a city
Steve OR Steven Read the Artist S Read artist/creator of several generative art tools
Computer Aided Poetry E Tisselli A tool for human-machine writing
Boston Jobs Information J Bloggs, J Doe Provides descriptions of job interviews for Boston
-blizi game -V!pEr -NO DETAILS
Reactive Sound Sketches Paul Webb studies for reactive sound
Boat At Sea Paul Webb, Kafiye Turkmen reactive animated narrative
vakant x exhibition spenza (vx) random/algorythmic interative flash applications
Islands Of Consciousness M Klingemann, O Marakov Randomly generated Flickr Movie and Soundtrack
Corrugation Street Dave Miller Dysfunctional communal soap opera. Stefan Eipeltauer Blog about Visual Arts, Interfaces and Generatives K Kasugai, P Hoppe project on augmented urbanism,emergent networks...
Caligraft Ricard Marxer Pin Computational calligraphies
-Digital Mona Lisa -H. Philip Peterson Unique computer graphic produced in 1964
Flickeur Mario Klingemann Infinite random movies from Flickr images
In The Mod: Color Analytics Dr. Woohoo Analysis+Visualizations of paintings
f4rm f4rm collective project from mexico
Choose (on Erik Schneider interacitve musicvideo
CG Art Alex Mit CG Art Gallery
J Provo Matthias Meister -
-Generative art definitions -B Soban -What is generative art?
bestiario santiago ortiz knowledge net
dihardja's artwork D Dihardja experimental music application
The $ Collective J Holmer, D Brnnvall, et al digital audio-visual art
The Party at the Center of the Universe Pall Thayer A party at the center of the Universe
webGobbler sebsauvage Random images from the web
Postmodern Modernist Generator D Relyea Project explores automating the design process
-Thomas Briggs' Art Website -Thomas Briggs -Large format line drawings
-B0tScribe Archive -B0tzNj33pzNm3 -Archive of SpamB0t scribblez, illustrated
vague terrain g smith, n wiernik (eds) digital arts quarterly
-pieces dtaches -Okio - J Clemente - Mulinex -
-Genometri -Sivam Krish -Genometri Ltd.
Algorithmic Jazz John Clavin Music from algorithms with random input
paintr Rob Myers An image generator that feeds on web services.
Generator X: Software wants to Loop Fore Wilfried Hou Je Bek -
-Dreamlines -Leonardo Solaas -A custom-made fluid painting just for you
GNOM santiago ortiz genetic networks from the inside
C-M/TV Generative Site Glocal Arts Network
BioArt L Moura Lisbon exhibition of bio inspired art
letter pairs M Bereciartua Graphics generated based on texts
tony rickaby tony rickaby
Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends Dirk Vekemans Artistic research on poetry and programming
Posing at three thirty T Ihmels, ...
macro_primaires demo r parmantier generative installation in progress
real time contextual art generator D Relyea generates art based on search query
-made to (un) order -Vera Bighetti -interactive project
Generative Art E Edmonds Symposium & exhibition Nov 05
Iamveryverysorry Rafael Rozendaal The browser perceived as a frame for art
azofeifa R. Azofeifa photorealism and playing cards
dezzie dezzie art, new media, programing
Insomart F Gomez Images generated based on computer vision techniq.
Flash Painting Generators S Millgate based on actionscript by D Hirmes
Generator.x Marius Watz Blog about generative art & design
Sound And Energy santiago ortiz 11 sound interactive experiences
SiteKensukeFujii StillUnderConstruction kensuke fujii sounds generated, recorded or edited.
WebDeRicard Ricard Marxer Pin Just some homework for the Master in Digital Arts
Camouflage Comics: Dirty War Images Aarnoud Rommens, This website deals with issues of visual narration
Autodrawn: Sketching landscapes... Pall Thayer -
D-SRUPT [usage] Diogo Terroso personal workspace // processing / generative
Contemporary Poetry Review (PC + Windows - 7 Mo) LP 002
An experience with your body in space! Emil Bach Soerensen Interview with Camille Utterback about Untitled 5
broken poem generator T Yarkoni randomly generated poetry. occasionally coherent. C Reas Database of the artist C.E.B. Reas
-exploration -A Weiler -algorithmic art
-Generative Art Programs -B Soban -free download of Visual Basic exe
LP 001 Eric Srandour Contemporary Poetry Review (PC + Windows - 6 Mo)
Blot D Hart generative evolutionary abstracts
PoloBlogg C. Polo blog from the internet
oil paintings Own blog Online Art Gallery offers you unique collection of
Today's Spam SpamBox Daily post generated from the past 24 hours spam
-Typogenerator -Katharina Nussbaumer -generates collage using user text & google images
FLEEN John Greene project notes, images and robots. Vorpal Sword.
Monochrome Landscapes Thomas Petersen Monochrome landscape drawings
spheres santiago ortiz (moebio) language spheres four please submit to our net art project!
Surrealist Poetry adam hoyle Makes poems from RSS feeds
Cityscapes Mario Klingemann Abstract urban landscapes in virtual watercolour
Trace Thomas Petersen A semi-controllable drawing piece.
Lydbillede / SoundImage Thomas Petersen Colors into music through a digital landscape
crystalpunk manifesto Wilfried Hou Je Bek generative crystalline strategies
serial consign greg smith portfolio
Interactive DHTML demos G Ferrandez (ge1doot) HTML art: interactive demos and experiments.
-MOAK47 -m kaewth -a cultural workers collective
Trees from texts santiago ortiz (moebio) texts became fractal trees
-Moja nova slovenska stran -B Soban -predstavitev generativne umetnosti
tsunami -v. bighetti -
The Space of Language R. Cosseboom An essay on syntactics and evolutionary algorithms
Dear Computer, Generative Art B. Perry Computer Generated Images
The Society for Potential Literatures R. Cosseboom Portfolio of generative work, inspired by Oulipo Fabio Franchino Generative related projects
Spamgraffiti David Chien Online installations created from spam.
Virus n 1 Eric Srandour It is not a virus (for PC + Windows)
-Hypnagog -"K'an" -PC Software remixes samples, jpgs and RNDcaptions
Serandour 1995-2004 E. Serandour For PC [8 Mo]
System_C Marius Watz Time-based drawing system
Blobs, animated Keith Handy Same blobs, animated and filtered to match audio
Hairy Arts Musical Forum David Herbert Needs testing, only 10 viewers. Try later if error
web site development PETERSON Web desgin forum for the web developers to help th
-AI Art -S duBuis -Created by AI entity KOIOS
HTML peterson HTML Resources, Help and HTML Tutorials
Tim's Illuminated Projects Tim Hodkinson Generated images, fractal, genetic, gumowski-mira
Generative Musical Maze Peter Jackson Musically led maze developed for the visually impa
Flash animated Enigma cipher machine Frank Spiess Animated Enigma cipher algorithm
dataisnature p prudence weblog covering generative and computation art
a2b Sampath Jagannathan abstract, algorithmic train game
betabelle antonio dominguez no edited video created in max nato msp runtime
nuzita process, some generative draws
Computed Paintings L Bleicher Painting by algorithm.
-AutomatD904 -3kta -Generative Design Custom Software.
The clock Eric SERANDOUR Computer program for PC
L'art Gnratif de Jacques Palumbo R Carpentier Bio, art, expos, distinctions
i disappear Boris du Boullay each day, a pixel disappears on my face
Generative art is as old as art T Petersen & K Ploug An interview with Philip Galanter
HARM Log Harm van den Dorpel Generative Flash
rob-art R Myers Generative art and aesthetics programs in Lisp.
-untitledcity -M, Maas - Hypertext game about Paul Virilio City, txt
[neW] SITE updates---> Visu@lMusiC S Maltagliati generative, interactive VisualMusic
-Make your computer an artist -"B Soban" -Real time computer generated images
Generative Representations Gregory Hornby About GENRE, an evolutionary design system.
dirty rects Paul Webb breakout game that visualises the dirty rects
Abstract Art / Science Integration Ken Loch Mind/Body/Spirit/Soul
Paleonarium E Teczowylatawiec word&time-based image generator
Ice Thomas Petersen Icescapes
short ordinary daily films Boris du Boullay my imaginary and real life
what is left about my urines 1996-1999 Boris du Boullay Is internet right to speak about lost things ?
-Area-5x -Martin Junglas -Interactive Java programs
Untitled (blobs) Keith Handy A few examples from a blob generator (in progress)
Rekall design - intercative art & design Ingrid Stojnic, Bert Balcaen generative art/design, information visualization
HarmBLOG Harm van den Dorpel Flash experiments in movement and recursion
Om Bloom M Davis Tendrils and fruit. D Group self destructing webpage+open artist community
dmtr dimitre lima form | motion | numeric | aestethic
Smile E. Serandour Web Navigator
TB Community Kev The Tratsch Board Community! Stahlpappe Online Racinggame
the sphere of relations santiago ortiz (moebio) text/stimulation/participation
Dip 'n Daub David Pletts Update to Dip 'n Daub abstract art generator
generart V Bighetti -generative art (drag and drop)
Logbook of Harm H van den Dorpel Various animations and music leeoh generative color and site layout
Gregor Dot Com G Wright Artist's site featuring random dream generator etc
-fuzzyLogic -jerry galle -fuzzyLogic contains graphics and sound combined i
-Nest -C6 -Online chinese whispers using internet corruption
Feed Festival digital image technology and 'the media'
-GenomART - the portal of digital art -"C Quadrino, M Coraggio" -Virtual Art Gallery, Net Art, news, links...
Computer Code as Art Material Thomas Petersen An interview with three generative artists
growth ole kristensen spring
flyt dig ole kristensen
particles ole kristensen
beyondthree "Mikkel Crone Koser" Proce55ing + Personal Interaction Design portfolio
eolian Dale Sattler shockwave+quicktime generative experiments
rationalizer Peter Luining make a/v composition with artificial lifeforms
Autopilot - Creative Mechanisms Thomas Petersen Generative Art Exhibition
- Genius : Art / Science - ken loch - webpage Thomas Petersen Interviews about software art, net art and more
generative art "B Soban" real time generated images
moebio santiago ortiz generative spaces (sound, text, life...)
[x] R Parmantier audio visuel
armyofclerks P. Miranda Carranza architecture
Office Voodoo M Lew generative narrative cinema respecting continuity Thomas Petersen Continuously generated images and more
humanworkshop Enufo Art Community
organism: making art with living systems - bio-art website & mailing list
redlucite Linda Kim personal site, open source, seoul dmc, culture
redlucite Linda Kim personal site, open source, seoul dmc, culture
redlucite Linda Kim -personal site, open source, seoul dmc, culture
- rand()% - T Betts + J Gilmore - generative net radio
-euboia -E King -London map of artists' photographs and films
kaleidoscope Squared R L Samuell -kaleidoscopic images from HTML table
- -Magnus Wassborg -visual artist working with hard and software
ASRF/0.3 ylg/ARN Ascii Selected Random Fragments Generator
Drawing machine Marius Watz Networked drawing machine
Visual Poetry Douwe Osinga Visual Poetry translates sentences into images.
macronaut toxi, meekmocha generative 3d demo, open source - online photofolio K Voi this is my new photofolio! link me! ;)
NG# - PROTOQUADRO TeZ Generative Digital Painting
Perpetual Ocean Digital Image Gallery P Miller Math Sculpted Organic Spaces
eude Edo Paulus Generative music - apps/installations/performance
19hrs Marco Sterk collection of work
-Generative Art Conference -C Soddu -Annual conference held at Milan Polytechnic Etienne Rey creatures sonores autonomes
-generative movie soundtrack making tool -s woolf -audio colloge soundtrack creating software
A Portrait... of Netochka Nezvanova Signwave UK Software artwork montages files from your computer
Jason Salavon J. Salavon Art & code. See Golem, Bootstrap, etc. R Myers A decade of art and computers
Evolvotron gallery T Day Collection of images generated using Evolvotron
-Evolvotron -T Day -Free software for Linux
-Doctor Hugo - Museums of the Mind -Dr. Hugo -A virtual museum project: exploring the art & min
speaksound machine #1:word processor Paul Webb first in a series of SoundSpeak machines
BLOGOLiTH J Clarkson experimental MPEG4-SA created from weblogs Jaka Zeleznikar art vectors of language expression
TreeFold M Davis Interactive Lindenmayer systems
-virtual space -bighetti,vera -need chromadepht TM 3D glasses
Dip 'n Daub David Pletts Download an abstract art generator
ARTificial Art Kurt Baumann new elements, new URL
Generative Cinema Iain Lobb My dissertation, Generative Cinema and Dialogue
dada newsfeed E Tisselli random collage of image & text found in the net
vecToro J. P. Gray Flash vector sampler
SHAPEVENT zevan rosser a collection of experimental interactive works
t r a n s p h o r m e t i c - p prudenci - a sketchbook of interactive and generative art
grammidity j putnam grammer based evolution, evolves "plants", midi
Acheron Online CGE Immersive game requiring player collaboration
-explication de texte -Boris du Boullay -Semantic art project
time as color christopher otto hours,minutes,seconds>red,green,blue
-VoodooMuzakNetworks -A. Garacotche -AI+music composition over a network
prolix Justin Simoni Some Digital Art Experiments of Mine
body language christopher otto txt from wardrobe,reload for generative fashion
loom christopher otto generates vectors with no disposal at 120fps
-shi soku en zan -kensuke fujii -electric and acoustic sound composition
KEVIN VOIGT PHOTOGRAPHY K Voigt my personal photofolio
DANCE tutorial v1.1 DNXR a javascripted dance tutorial
Mutations in Progress T Petersen Continuously generated images.
My individual house Eric Serandour Artistic project
-My House -Eric Serandour -Artistic project
dataCloud Gonzalo Garcia-Perate Live data visualization system Etienne Rey autonomous sonorous creatures.
- Etienne Rey autonomous sonorous creatures.
Why Look At Artificial Animals? G Cox, A Ward Consciousness Reframed 03
-jay ropinsky, berlin -janeko -flash worx - extra player is fully generative
Images by Interactive Evolution Darius Bacon Gallery of evolutionary artwork
Emphasis Studio Emil Manolea Visual Emotions
japanese freeware Chris Innovative programming and audio art work
greyworld, generative public art works -J Die - -N. Hemenway -Explorations of form
DessineMoi v2 J Lapotre generative automated drawers
DessineMoi[DrawMe] J Lapotre generative automated drawers
DessinePanse "J Lapotre" Generative sound-pictures
YAST 2.7 : Yet Another Sizing Tool RdH & biEsz (v.n.a.t.r.c.?) free software art in python under GNU GPL
three piece collage Holmer, Hedvall, Brnnvall a video-collage suite consisting of three pieces
FOUNDRYFIVESYS L Janson an experimental community
.nulli.secundus Vlad Radulescu random pixels
-Lewis LaCook -Lewis LaCook -repository of generative art and poetry
-monodev -T Bohm -Creator
-MIDIPoet -E Tisselli -create interactive text/image pieces
-Glorious Ninth -Kate Southworth+Patrick Simon -nanomarxists
struct sier temporal audio visual tangents to consciesness
PANSE P Thayer sound generated art and vice versa auralist experiments in procedural aesthetics
picturesofsounds "c. eduardo, a. marfisa" south american collective working with gen arts runme runme software art repository 5up R net none
kurt niki passath tattoo robot
monoCells :: grumo basic random cellular automata field
microCells D Medina basic cellular automata field
-poodles and flan -P Whalley -postmodern metacomposition
-sonicvariable -chun lee -generative music using genetic algorithm
BAND IN A BOX Harm van den Dorpel music
-googlpoweredgogglebox generative film m -Sam Woolf -Software for makinf generative films, download fi
Tune Toys Tim Thompson Lots of web-based algorithmic MIDI generators
Darkroom Paul Andrews Generative graphics synthesis tool
- transphormetic -io - numbers as patterns, data as nature
GENERATOR Firstsite, Colchester Exhibition featuring generative artworks from Tim Head, Alec Finlay, Alex McLean, Organogenesis Inc, Cornelia Sollfrank, STAR and monkeys from Paignton Zoo, amongst others.
Pasko Martin Gomez Generative Java cards used for Christmas 2002.
StrangeBanana Torben Kjr automatically creates graphic webpage designs
leeoh leeoh messageForest
runme software art repository
THE END - time to go home H van den Dorpel Random credits scroller A Evans home of tom thumb gen. mov, thoughts on
Goedel-Performances Marcello Mercado Performances usin traffic Cameras in Kln Germany Edo Paulus Generative music software etc...
harm it's entertainment! H van den Dorpel Student Rietveldacademie (dutch artschool)
-digital es material -santiago ortiz -art / music / space / math
broken poem generator T Yarkoni randomlygenerated poetry. occasionally coherent.
Home of GoogleSynth amongst other things Paul Andrews Generative software etc...
...:::jesstation:::... J Louwagie personal portfolio - interactive design
-Collective Detective -Josh Babetski "Human Information Filtering"
bitxas S hernando poetic tools
-The Institute of Artificial Art -Huge Harry -i.e. Computer Controlled Human Facial Expression
Dimension of Time R Krawczyk Strange Attractors
-asco-o -subscribers -ascii-art-mailing-list-web-archive
-Gartland-Jones home pages -A and T G-J -home pages for artist and composer
foam - f0AM is an edge habitat.
Algorithmic Art Roman Verostko Theory and practice in R. Verostko's algorist art.
on sunday mornings artists digital art and stuff
AGENTBEATS M Bertelsen Artificial life beat generator
bighetti v -
file vsb mutantmaster Randomly generated MIDI music from text and image.
Oper@_PiXeL S.Maltagliati randomly generated Loghi, Ascii, Images, Ringtones
GENERATOR Spacex at the Liverpool Biennial Exhibition featuring generative artworks from Stuart Brisley, Angus Fairhurst, limbomedia, Yoko Ono, Colin Sackett and Adrian Ward, amongst others.
ueda y-s
Soundtoys Stanza audio visual synthesis, generative arts
generative psychogeography Wilfried Hou Je Bek project about generative walks through the city
: : anovska : : Ana Carvalho
Read_Me Software Art Festival -
Virtual GameChimes M Natale More phased-loops. Interaction & audio this time.
Drift: A Psychogeographical Event K. Armstrong
Generative art Bogdan Soban Artificial Creativity
neX_tOper@1.01 S Maltagliati, A Rossi for cell.phones:generative....loghi-ascii-banner
5K Genera Eduardo Sousa Flash generative art in 5070 bytes
Birds and Water M Natale Searching for Peace after the towers fell.
square of useless infomation Paul Poloskov Contact at
Endless Fountain M. Natale Phased prime number loops of digital peace.
Ghost Mirror M Natale Randomly generated faces, voice and music.
GroupC C Reas Living surfaces and structures
My Favourite Conference IdN Creative Conference
Viragelic B Berglund Uncomplicated but cute
soundinjury jonh
The Wave Scrambler C. Church A Virtual Tape Cutup Machine in Perl
TransMid C. Church Arbitrary Conversion of Text to MIDI Music
N O R B E R G F E S T I V A L Rune Erbs Nordic Electronic Music Festival
gene mapping m a a p art and science: political phenomena
NewZoid Daniel Young
reload unlimited ltd. -
Active_Metaphore Limiteazero View and listen to data flow
Limiteazero Limiteazero
Poietic Generator Elisa Giaccardi
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
n_Gen Design Machine MoveDesign Automated design machine as Photoshop parody
aswarm Vitorino Ramos
architopia Vitorino Ramos
a postcard to space travel orbital
cell data at Marco Pires new genetic technologies database, eugenics Jon(athan) Phillips artists site, commentary, blog, open source code
Koan driving a Flash animation Flash 6 & Koan 8 Player required
13 hours of the discovery channel joshua goldberg algorithmic transformation of cable feed
Flowers & Stalks Flash 6 player required
Generative art "B Soban" More than mathematics
Teleferique collective downloading art server francis f0rwardpunk, --digital work, ++
erational erational nastygram
GENERATOR Spacex Gallery, Exeter Exhibition featuring generative artworks from Mark Bowden, Jeff Instone, Sol Lewitt, Netochka Nezvanova, Jon Pettigrew and Joanna Walsh, amongst others.
ARTificial ART K Baumann
GenerativeVisu@lMusiC S Maltagliati,P Grossi
Levitated "Jared Tarbell, Lola Brine" experiments on generative art, flash required P Galanter Collection of art, papers, and teaching references
Shuffler M Breum
Hacking Sound A McLean music without walls? music without instruments?
The Aesthetics of Generative Art G Cox, A McLean, A Ward
Signwave Auto-Illustrator A Ward
Chiastic Builder A Ward
BioTrail A Ward Early interactive visual audio toy
MusicPond A Ward An early version
Data Beautification A McLean
Perls of Wisdom A Ward
The Authorship of Generative Art G Cox, A Ward GA99, Milan (02/12/99)
How I Drew One Of My Pictures A Ward