home is a collaborative collection of artworks, research and experiments by artists and academics interested in the possibilities of generative art. Much of this work manifests itself as digital artwork, or online interactive experiences. We collect links to online works of interest with the aim of archiving this information permanently, and we run a mailing list that facilitates discussion and posting of relevant materials. We have also hosted the GENERATOR exhibition's web site and have an interest in supporting projects that promote and further the understanding and use of generative techniques in art, design and commerce.

The possibilities of generative art have been long known, and yet we continuously see a fresh turnover of ideas being explored by the academic, creative and commercial sectors. This would indicate that generative art has a capability beyond traditional notions of art that often stagnate. If you are interested in or actively persue the realm generative art, feel free to join in some way.

What is Generative Art?

A lot of discussion revolves around finding a suitable definition of generative art. We have a page where we collect definitions.


Join eu-gene, the discussion forum set up for varied discussion into all forms of generative art. The eu-gene community is made up of an eclectic mix of artists, demo coders, musicians, academics, philosophers and more, all with an interest in the topics surrounding generative processes.


Take a look at our links page to find a constantly growing list of links to generative artworks, submitted by visitors.


The Generative Manifesto